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The Noir Group is building a better working world by realizing business transformation through the power of people, technology, and innovation. Our management consulting services focus on Operation, Technology, Interactive, Strategy & Consulting.

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Innovation Technology

Accelerate your innovation and transformation with a fully integrated suite of capabilities that puts digital at the heart of everything you do. Your business needs Automation. Machine learning. Data mining. Design thinking. Start Here.

Strategy & Innovation

We combine deep industry expertise, advanced analytics capabilities and human-centered approaches to help our clients shape their business strategies and drive growth. We apply our proprietary approach to strategic innovation to drive incremental growth.

Sales & Marketing

We help you achieve sustainable, organic growth by putting your customers at the center of your company’s strategy. Our approach tests every element of your customers’ experience, delivering optimal interactions at every touchpoint.

Data & Analytics

Our data and analytics consulting team guides our clients to action by providing strategy, business intelligence, advanced analytics, and automation tools to drive your company to discover new opportunities.

Digital Transformation

To win in the digital era, you need a bold ambition and flawless execution. We can help with both. Our multidisciplinary teams of experts work side-by-side with you to design, build, and scale truly transformative digital businesses.

IT Consulting

We guide your company to set your IT strategy and prepare your organization to adopt new technologies.

Digital Consulting

We have a solid team of over 30 professionals that will help build the future for our amazing clients.

Customer Experience

We help our clients reimagine their entire customer service experience, delivering new value and growth.


We have a solid team of over 30 professionals that will help build the future for our amazing clients.

Digital Transformation Services



We reinvent how work gets done. We support the full spectrum of automation possibilities to ensure that you generate maximum value from your automation efforts. The technologies we work with include: Process discovery and process mining, Optical character recognition, Business process management, Workflow automation, Robotic process or desktop automation, Artificial intelligence, including machine learning and conversational AI.


Marketing Optimization

Boost Marketing ROI by elevating your brand creative, media, and marketing technology to create great customer experiences. We combine empathy, aesthetic problem-solving and quantitative thinking to produce powerful creative that elicits emotion, spurs action and connects brands with buyer's core beliefs and values.


Product Experience Innovation

Fuel innovation and transformation with human-centered design, rapid prototyping, customer journey mapping, and more. We combine design, strategy, and innovation expertise to help you create the extraordinary products, services, and experiences that will propel your growth.



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